Sunday, July 29, 2012

Way2sms Desktop Tool - Send Unlimited Free SMS

way2smsEveryone must be familiar with . 
After TRAI decreased the daily sms limit to 200, Free sms services  are highly popular now. Usually while sending sms from, we can’t send unlimited charter’s sms.  and sometimes we are fed up of heavy Advertisements on the Site.
The Desktop tool comes in handy for those who use way2sms frequently.

Way2sms Desktop Tool:

This Desktop client tool used to send sms from your desktop.
You need to create an a/c in and then use this client tool.
This utility developed in dotnet framework.

Features of Way2SMS Desktop Client:

  • No need to login in browser
  • Unlimited character support
  • Import & export contacts
  • Remember login details
  • Auto update feature
  • Work in online mode
  • Work in local mode
  • Sends sms faster.
  • Search contacts
  • Search group
  • Contacts list
  • Group sms
  • No Ads



It Requires .Net Famework 2.0:

Download .Net Framework 2.0


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  3. free extension from google chrome quick access

  4. Some time i use to send free sms because it has nice collections of sms which is not at way2ms. Now they delivered message instantly.

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    Way2sms With contact list facilty (desktop application is nice article.

  6. @Jakalina Jain

    Timesinsms is dead......:-(
    Way2sms is a reputed player over a long period of time.

  7. @Aalok singh

    I too use youmint oftenly.
    The advantage of youmint is that the receiver receives sms from our own number instead of some other shitty 6 digit number......

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    Thanks man......
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