Saturday, July 28, 2012

7 Sites to Download Youtube Videos in HD

Download Youtube Video  
YouTube is definitely the #1 video sharing website on the Internet. Some people feels difficulty in downloading the Videos from Youtube. So here i am listing top sites to download Youtube Videos easily.

(1) Clipconverter
This is a new website and download YouTube videos in HD. It is very fast to convert a video from YouTube. It is also a video converter, you can convert videos by uploading too. After downloading you can watch videos on your favorite device.

(2) Keephd
It is a good tool and famous one for YouTube videos in HD. You can download HD videos and other video formats as well3gp and flv. It supports some other sites as well.
(3) Keep-Tube
This is a HD YouTube video downloader, you can also use greasemonkey and Firefox add-on. It also supports other video sharing sites.
(4) Savevid
It is an interactive website, on this website you can see live videos that other users are downloading via this website.
(5) Youtubesnips
You can download YT videos in three different formats are as 3gp (fro mobile), flv (lower quality) and MP4 (HD). You can use this tool to download videos directly or you can use their bookmarklet and URL interface is by default.
(6) Forinside
It is also an online video converter, so you can use this tool to convert a video by uploading going to file menu. To download a video you have to copy and paste a video link. This site also support other websites but YouTube is by default and HD format is also bydefault.
(7) TubeZen
It let you download videos in 3Gp, Mp4, HD, Flv, Mp3 and Wmv. You can search videos on this site and download.

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