Saturday, July 28, 2012

Copy Text from Image


Text from the web can copied easily by dragging mouse over the text and select copy function but this become little bit tricky when talk about the Images, may be of any type like PNG, JPEG etc.

How many times it happens that you want some text from scanned Images or other Pictures?
I am sure it wont be less than ten times. Generally when we require text from Image file we simply type the whole text, this seems to be the only option we have. But there are large number of softwares and small tool available on the Internet that works on OCR ( Optical Character Recognition ) which can easily capture your desired text from Image file accurately. Most popular software that fall in this category is Microsoft Office OneNote.

How to Copy Text With Microsoft Office OneNote:

  1. Download a fresh copy of  Microsoft Office OneNote from here.
  2. Install it in your local drive
  3. Execute the Program.
  1. Open Image in Microsoft Office OneNote.
  2. Now select the entire image by  CTRL+A and right click on the image.
  3. Choose "Copy Text from Picture" option.

  1. Now paste your text in Notepad and enjoy.
Beside Microsoft Office OneNote there are also some software available on the Internet Which can perform the similar task. JOCR  is a freeware software which also used for the same task. So Now you can easily extract your favorite text from picture file by   Microsoft Office OneNote or JOCR.

Still find difficulty in this process then comments are always open for that.

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