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How to UNDO a Sent Email Message

How to Undo a Sent Email Message

How to Undo a Sent Email Message
Hi all users, hope you all are fine and enjoying the hanging out with someone like me :) well toady I'm going to tell you you how to undo(recall )your e-mail messages from your gmail account, I can understand that some time when you get frustrated with someone and going to send him/her mail that contains you anger and frustration then simultaneously you remember to add/remove something or remembered that you have putted wrong things into the message(just kidding), and don't want it to be deliver, then this post will help you a lot.

Steps to follow :
Step 1 : Go to your Gmail account and nevigate to the 'Setting' then Open 'Lab' like the below picture.
Step 2 : Under 'Lab' tab you will find many option but you here you need to choose the  'Undo Send' like below picture and enable it and finally click the  'Save Change' Button and save the changes.
Step 3:  Now go to  your Gmail account and compose a mail option and write Your Mail and send it, after sending the mail you'll be prompt by Gmail  that 'Your message has been Sent' with Undo and View message option.Click on Undo if you want to don't want the message to be sent.

Note : This option appears only for 10 Seconds.


How to Enable Right Click on Right Click Disabled Websites

How to Enable Right Click in Right Click Disabled Websites

Enable Right Click on Right Click Disabled Websites

Hello users, many of us might know websites where you've tried to save images or copy the contents of the website but you couldn't because they have prohibited their use of the right-click on their website.

Most websites use JavaScript to prohibit the use of the right-click in order to avoid their contents to be leeched or due to some other reason, so here we're going to tell the simplest and easiest way to enable it. Sounds very inserting ! isn't it?  . So lets get started.

1. First of all you need to download a Firefox a plug-in named "Web Developer 1.1.9" from this link:
2. After installing the  pug-in simply restart the Firefox and you will get a new toolbar named "Web Developer Toolbar" now  click on  Disable button.


3. Select Disable Javascript.
4. Again select “All Javascript” option.

Note :- After doing your work don't forget to unchecked the disable java and disable JavaScript because most of sites requires JavaScript enabled in order to perform some specific task.

Convert any Website to PDF for Offline Reading

Hi all users, today we are here to share a cool website with you, which allows you to convert any website/blog into PDF. Seems interesting ? Lets find out how to do it.

 Why would you want to convert a webpage to PDF:
  • You may want to store it locally to be able to view it offline.
  • You may want mail the webpage to friends.
  • You may have your own reasons. Right?
 To convert webpage to PDF visit Web2PDFConvert


Way2sms Desktop Tool - Send Unlimited Free SMS

way2smsEveryone must be familiar with . 
After TRAI decreased the daily sms limit to 200, Free sms services  are highly popular now. Usually while sending sms from, we can’t send unlimited charter’s sms.  and sometimes we are fed up of heavy Advertisements on the Site.
The Desktop tool comes in handy for those who use way2sms frequently.

Way2sms Desktop Tool:

This Desktop client tool used to send sms from your desktop.
You need to create an a/c in and then use this client tool.
This utility developed in dotnet framework.

Features of Way2SMS Desktop Client:

  • No need to login in browser
  • Unlimited character support
  • Import & export contacts
  • Remember login details
  • Auto update feature
  • Work in online mode
  • Work in local mode
  • Sends sms faster.
  • Search contacts
  • Search group
  • Contacts list
  • Group sms
  • No Ads



It Requires .Net Famework 2.0:

Download .Net Framework 2.0

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Download Microsoft Office 2013 Beta for FREE

microsoft office 2013 downloadMicrosoft team has released the next version of Microsoft Office suite, called Microsoft Office 2013 or so called Office 365 Preview. Before, this office suite was code named as Office 15, and is now released to public for free download as Microsoft Office 2013 beta.

Microsoft Office 2013 customer preview version comes with many new features, new metro UI and built in ability to edit pdf files. The download file available for Microsoft Office 2013 is by default offered as a basic installer and the complete package will be downloaded via network with the basic installer. But now you can get the full installer for Microsoft Office 2013 directly from Microsoft website. Check the office 2013 download files given at the end of post.

The most surprising thing is that this version of MS Office 2013 will not support Windows XP or Windows Vista. You’ll require Windows 7 or Windows 8 to install office 2013.

Features of Microsoft Office 2013/ Office 365
  • Metro UI: Fast and fluid interface
  • Create/ edit documents using keyboard, pen or touchscreen
  • Save your work to SkyDrive or SharePoint and access from anywhere.
  • Connect with Facebook and see your updates along side with your mail accounts.
  • New Read mode available for word documents for a clear and focused reading experience on small and big screens.
  • Connect with skype on Office 2013 which includes 60 mins of free international calls every month.
  • High definition video conferencing.
System Requirements for installing Microsoft Office 2013
  • 1GHZ or greater x86/x64 processor
  • 1GB RAM for 32bit and 2GB for 64bit
  • 3.5Gb free hard disk space.
  • Supported O.S: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008 R2 or newer.
  • Graphics: Directx10 graphics card /1024×576 resolution


How to download and install Microsoft Office 2013/ MS Office 365:

The installers for MS Office 2013 are of two types:

A) Online installer for MS Office 2013:
It will download a small setup file first and then after running the setup file, it will download the complete Office package via network. This installer is not useful, if you want to install MS Office 2013 in multiple systems. You can download the online installer for MS Office 2013 for this link.

B) Offline installer for MS Office 2013(Recommended):
This is the complete package of Microsoft Office 2013 preview edition.
Once you download this setup files, you can install Office 2013 in any number of PC’s.

Download Microsoft Office 2013 Full Offline installer:
Direct Download Link for Standalone Offline Installer (32-bit) (624 MB)
Direct Download Link for Standalone Offline Installer (64-bit)(702 MB)

Direct Download Link for Standalone Offline Installer (32-bit) (624 MB)
Direct Download Link for Standalone Offline Installer (64-bit) (702 MB)

Direct Download Link for Standalone Offline Installer (32-bit) (624 MB)
Direct Download Link for Standalone Offline Installer (64-bit) (702 MB)

  • Download the file according to the OS(32bit or 64bit) and install Microsoft Office 2013.
  • It will be installed alongside (not overwrite) previous versions of MS Office such as2003, 2007 or 2010 editions. 
  • You can use this software for free (activation key for office 2013 is not required) until the final version RTM of MS Office 2013 is released.

Copy Text from Image


Text from the web can copied easily by dragging mouse over the text and select copy function but this become little bit tricky when talk about the Images, may be of any type like PNG, JPEG etc.

How many times it happens that you want some text from scanned Images or other Pictures?
I am sure it wont be less than ten times. Generally when we require text from Image file we simply type the whole text, this seems to be the only option we have. But there are large number of softwares and small tool available on the Internet that works on OCR ( Optical Character Recognition ) which can easily capture your desired text from Image file accurately. Most popular software that fall in this category is Microsoft Office OneNote.

How to Copy Text With Microsoft Office OneNote:

  1. Download a fresh copy of  Microsoft Office OneNote from here.
  2. Install it in your local drive
  3. Execute the Program.
  1. Open Image in Microsoft Office OneNote.
  2. Now select the entire image by  CTRL+A and right click on the image.
  3. Choose "Copy Text from Picture" option.

  1. Now paste your text in Notepad and enjoy.
Beside Microsoft Office OneNote there are also some software available on the Internet Which can perform the similar task. JOCR  is a freeware software which also used for the same task. So Now you can easily extract your favorite text from picture file by   Microsoft Office OneNote or JOCR.

Still find difficulty in this process then comments are always open for that.

Use Any Sim in Any MODEM Without UNLOCKING

Now-a-days Datacards are widely used by many peoples. But most of them are locked to networks like Aircel, Airtel, Idea,etc.

Only the sim of that same network can be used in the modem.

You have to unlock the modem in-order to use sim of different network.

But there is an easy way to use any sim in any modem without unlocking.

Just follow the Steps below:

1.Insert the Sim in the Modem.


2.  Modem show invalid SIM, just ignore it and close modem software.

3. Start NOKIA PC Suite.

4. Go to Nokia PC Suite "Connect to Internet" option


5. Go to Configure

6. Select your data card modem,and make all operator APN setting as like when we use Nokia mobile connection.

6. Finish set up.

7. Now connect to internet through PC suite.

One Step to Solve Computer Hanging

Many of us are facing a problem while working in a Computer.
Yeah you are right. Its System Hanging.

It will be awful if the system hangs while working on an important data.

If your system hangs about 2 or 3 minutes at startup, where you can't access the Start button or the Taskbar, it may be due to one specific service (Background Intelligent Transfer) running in the background. Microsoft put out a p@tch for this but it didn't work for me. Here's what you do:

1. Click on Start/Run, type 'msconfig', then click 'OK'.
2. Go to the 'Services' tab, find the 'Background Intelligent Transfer' service, disable it, apply the changes & reboot.

Thats all..

7 Sites to Download Youtube Videos in HD

Download Youtube Video  
YouTube is definitely the #1 video sharing website on the Internet. Some people feels difficulty in downloading the Videos from Youtube. So here i am listing top sites to download Youtube Videos easily.

(1) Clipconverter
This is a new website and download YouTube videos in HD. It is very fast to convert a video from YouTube. It is also a video converter, you can convert videos by uploading too. After downloading you can watch videos on your favorite device.

(2) Keephd
It is a good tool and famous one for YouTube videos in HD. You can download HD videos and other video formats as well3gp and flv. It supports some other sites as well.
(3) Keep-Tube
This is a HD YouTube video downloader, you can also use greasemonkey and Firefox add-on. It also supports other video sharing sites.
(4) Savevid
It is an interactive website, on this website you can see live videos that other users are downloading via this website.
(5) Youtubesnips
You can download YT videos in three different formats are as 3gp (fro mobile), flv (lower quality) and MP4 (HD). You can use this tool to download videos directly or you can use their bookmarklet and URL interface is by default.
(6) Forinside
It is also an online video converter, so you can use this tool to convert a video by uploading going to file menu. To download a video you have to copy and paste a video link. This site also support other websites but YouTube is by default and HD format is also bydefault.
(7) TubeZen
It let you download videos in 3Gp, Mp4, HD, Flv, Mp3 and Wmv. You can search videos on this site and download.

Make your Text Inverted

¡¡¡sɹǝbboןq uɐıɥɔǝʇ oןןǝɥ

Want to know how to make your texts Upside Down like this¿¿¿
It's very Simple :-)

Just go to

And Enjoy :)

Even you can copy and pasted this inverted text in Facebook, Twitter and shock your friends......:-)

Make Free Calls => No Voip No Pin No additional Numbers to dial (Need Android/Iphone)

Make Free Calls


Free Call heard it right.

Earlier there was this ibibo for making free calls but I hate it.
Make free calls all over India via Android/Iphone.
Just Download application from Android market, install it and make free calls all over country. It works in 40 Countries including India.

The name of the application is CrowdCall.

Download this application from the given below link

1) after installing open the app and enter Ur own phone number from which u installed app and running that app
2) after that open it and enter Ur friend's number or any other u r going to call
3)during that process u r going to receive to call from a number...receive that call and press1
4) after that don't disconnect the call as the other person is receiving your call at this time. So call for free.

NOTE: The other person have to attend the call and press 1in keypad in-order to talk.