Saturday, September 17, 2011

Access Facebook in College and Workspace

You may be a working professional in a corporate environment and the sad thing is that Facebook is blocked at your office. So you can neither open your Facebook account at office nor you can chat with your Facebook buddies. Recently, I was trying to access in my college using a Wi-Fi connection but the page never loaded. The same was true with Twitter and Orkut. The reason is that the majority of the social networking accounts are blocked in corporate offices, schools, workplace and educational institutions. In such cases, you have to look for workarounds to open Facebook when it is blocked.

But finally here is a way to access it:

just visit

wait for 10 seconds and click SKIP this and enter the world of Facebook.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Get Everything for FREE

I would like to introduce to a Site where you can Avail various Stuffs for free.This System works as in Exchange of credits.

I will Explain you how : -

1)You Signup and Gain 100 free credits + Connect via Facebook and twitter and get 100 more credits free (10 credits is worth 1$ and by using below link you will get 500 free credits)

2) Use these Free Credits to Bid on Other products available there , if you win the Bid , the GIVER will send you the product free of cost :D

3) Got some Unused stuff , put it up for Listing , let people Bid on your product , Highest bidder Wins and you earn credits for that and you send that product to the guy who won the auction.

This process goes on , Bid your credits and win items or giveaway your items and earn credits.Everything goes for free , money is not involved (sometimes GIVER might charge you shipping charge and sometimes you pay shipping charge for sending the products)

His TIP : If your giving away your stuff , try to keep it free shipping  , that attracts more people and more Credits on bidding.

Sign up Link –

If you are from INDIA you can get free INVISIBLE INK PEN with FREE SHIPPING
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