Tuesday, December 4, 2012

How to Recover a Stolen Laptop

Laptop Theft
How to Recover a Stolen Laptop

Few months back many peoples suffered by mobile theft. But now the thief's target is towards Laptop.
So it is a duty of every laptop holder to keep it safe. But unlike Mobile Phones it doesn't have much awareness about theft indicators(Anti-Theft System).

In this post i will introduce you a Anti Theft Agent(Software) for Laptop that is being popular now-a-days.

The name of the Software is PREY. DOWNLOAD IT
Prey is a small tool that every laptop user must install. When installing the application we will be allocated a web control panel like below.

In this we can be able to change the status of Laptop(Missing or Not!!!).
Once we Change the status to Missing, the thief's details are monitored and are forwarded to our mail id by PREY.

Key Features of PREY:
  • Geolocation Aware - Pin point location of Laptop using nearest WiFi Hotspots.
  • Know your Enemy - If your laptop have webcam, it will take the picture of one using the theft laptop.
  • No UnAuthorized Access - Lock down your PC completly.
  • WiFi Autoconnect- If Prey found any open WiFi Hotspot, it will connect automatically.
  • Watch Them- You can get details about the sites they login, if he use facebook, the username can be used as a lead.

But the only drawback of this application is, 

The Prey application will send the details only when the laptop is connected to the internet or it is switched ON in the place having open WiFi Hotspot.

In Foreign Countries each and every corner will have WiFi Hotspot so no problem, but in India we have to wait till the laptop connects to internet(But Something is Better than Noting!!!)

Extra Security:

  • In Windows, Prey will prompt the user for his account email or API key when the uninstall application is run (which, in turn, requires administrative privileges to be run). That said, we recommend you remove the Prey Start Menu icons to make it harder to detect by anyone.
  • Prey doesn't create any icons or menu items on OSX so it is almost impossible to detect.
  • Now, we encourage you to add a BIOS password and disable booting from removable devices on your PC, so that thiefs will be forced to boot into the existing OS installation and thus, not be able to format your hard disk easily.
  • If you have a Mac, there’s a firmware password utility on your Tiger/Leopard Mac OS installation DVD (look for it in in Applications/Utilities). On OSX Lion you’ll find the utility by booting from the recovery partition.


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  2. The best way to prevent theft of the laptop is to have Rewardid label on it.
    RewardID labels include a unique ID number which connects to the owner's online profile.
    When someone finds a lost item, they can plug the ID number into our database to access the owner's contact information.
    RewardId Label