Thursday, September 15, 2011

Get Everything for FREE

I would like to introduce to a Site where you can Avail various Stuffs for free.This System works as in Exchange of credits.

I will Explain you how : -

1)You Signup and Gain 100 free credits + Connect via Facebook and twitter and get 100 more credits free (10 credits is worth 1$ and by using below link you will get 500 free credits)

2) Use these Free Credits to Bid on Other products available there , if you win the Bid , the GIVER will send you the product free of cost :D

3) Got some Unused stuff , put it up for Listing , let people Bid on your product , Highest bidder Wins and you earn credits for that and you send that product to the guy who won the auction.

This process goes on , Bid your credits and win items or giveaway your items and earn credits.Everything goes for free , money is not involved (sometimes GIVER might charge you shipping charge and sometimes you pay shipping charge for sending the products)

His TIP : If your giving away your stuff , try to keep it free shipping  , that attracts more people and more Credits on bidding.

Sign up Link –

If you are from INDIA you can get free INVISIBLE INK PEN with FREE SHIPPING
Check it out


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